Quality never happens by chance, it is the result of following stringent processes & skilful execution.

We at Biyani Packaging Pvt. Ltd. believe in delivering good quality boxes. We have two qualified teams for maintaining Quality Assurance and checking Quality Control. Our Quality Assurance team uses specially designed software to suggest application specific packaging, by understanding the usage pattern from our clients. Our Quality Control team confirms whether the final box meets the standard set by the QA team.


For: Kraft Paper, Duplex Paper, Offset Printing Paper

Parameters Tested: GSM, BF, RCT, COBB, Moisture, Printing Consistency


For: Board and Adhesives

Parameters Tested: Caliper, Finish, ECT, BS, Solid Content, Viscosity


For: Box and Fitment

Parameters Tested: Compression, Moisture, Size, BS

Testing Equipments